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I am honored to be a preferred service provider among my fellow intuitives. Here are some testimonials from other satisfied clients:

EXTRAORDINARY!! She just knocked my socks off! What a fantastic session as she was on top of everything and amazed me as if she knew me for so many years and this was our first encounter. I am SOOOOO very grateful for her wonderful insights and her advice was spot on!! 10 million stars! I will be back!

Excellent catch-up session...always able to pick up where we last left off too without a beat!! She's so wonderful! I appreciate her upbeat and honest assessment of things going on in my work and personal worlds too. Her advice and insights are spot on! 10 stars!

First reading with C.I. She is honest and has a delightful personality. I would definitely consider contacting her again. Thank you again, C.I., you are a joy! Stay safe and sane.

Extremely perceptive and on the ball, you will not get a better reading.

Very sweet, candid! and super quick and understanding!

One of my go-to readers for almost two years now. Always quick to connect and provide very specific detail and narrative, and sound/balanced advice.

Amazing! My time was ran out but was given a great reading!!! Friendly and lovely to chat with, I definitely reccommend!

She is very upbeat and asks guides for answers. Makes me in a better mood.

CI does really has her client's best interest in mind. She is very direct and honest about what she sees - and her humor is infectious!! She has pointed out things with my POI without me giving direction or saying anything. Her guidance is invaluable.

Very comforting and reassuring. 

Thank you for your guidance and validation of the situation. You picked up several things about my POI.....including his hair and ethnicity! Things were not ideal but have a path to work with. CI is the real deal; and she calls it like she sees it! No flowery fluff nor fairy tales. Will follow up.

First, this advisor is hilarious. Second, the read was full of inspired messages that did not cater to ego stuff. I experienced CI as supportive and professional with good boundaries, and she empowered me with repeated messages that I didn't actually need her to receive higher guidance. She knew some things without asking. Highly recommend.

Very strong energy. I think she is very intuitive, and would recommend.

She was wonderful! Very insightful and very kind!

Thank you thank you thank you! One of the neat readings I have had in three years! Truly Gifted

Great read! She tapped right In!

Was very helpful, gave me great comfort

Sorry that I had to end the chat! I ran out of funds! She is so awesome! She showed things that I didn’t know in myself too! I’m so grateful to talk to her! Very encouraging! Plus, she picked up my energy right away! Please talk to her!

She was very warm and interactive during reading. Somehow, I now feel like my healing will not just heal me but my loved one's family/friends. Thanks again for the communication!

Probably the most in tune, right on, completely accurate reading and guidance i have EVER gotten...the best on Keen without question! And so engaging and light hearted while discussing serious stuff...50 stars

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