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I describe expectations for our reading in my Profile; see also these Terms & Conditions: 

Readings with the Cyber Intuitive are in every way real, and legally classified for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes only.

No refunds and no free readings. 

The Cyber Intuitive assumes no liability for anyone's actions following a reading.

We will not deal with the dark side of spirituality. 

No divination tools, spells, stalking or remote spying.

No discussions of a criminal, violent, sexually explicit, or illegal nature.

No gambling, legal, mental health or medical advice, including pregnancy and death.

No test-the-psychic games or party tricks.

All chats are charged on a per-minute basis, no minimums and no time blocks.

We’ll invite participation and permission from the Higher Selves and Spirit Guides of all POIs, living or departed; if their energy is not on board, we respect their boundaries.
The Cyber Intuitive does not specialize in Love guidance, and won’t force timelines, but feel free to ask!

We will be kind, open, courageous, calm, positive, cooperative, respectful, and truthful in our session.

Subject to revision at any time.

Terms: FAQ
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