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Thank you for visiting! 

​​I prepared this lengthy introduction to give you time and headspace to get to know me as your Advisor before our session. Let's chat about your life questions!

I admire your courage, and honor your willingness to be seen and heard. It is not easy to reach out, and you have already communicated and embodied your intention to receive the messages and gifts intended for you. Well done.

About Me

It fulfills me to use my gifts in helping people like you gain wisdom, direction, balance, and peace. Like many of my colleagues, I have given impromptu and informal readings for family, friends, and even strangers for decades. In my teens, I started interpreting friends' dreams, and have since advanced in my own lucid dreaming, astral travel, and discerning energies, both in person and at a distance.

Thanks to the Internet, I no longer use unretouched photos, but this is my most recent auric portrait.

I'm told that my personal energy presents as somewhat big in the world, but also feels safe, and

immediately comfortable and familiar.


What I Do

I communicate with deceased and ascended individuals, as well as the Higher Selves of living people daily. I mainly work via a channel of thoughts and words as information enters my mind without passing through a sight or sound gateway. I can sense energies and intentions of people, and details of past events that have lingered in a space, for better or worse. For example, I won a fierce competition to rent a fabulous home by telling the landlady how much her late father loved his house.

I have been a professional in interpersonal and business communication for over 30 years. My graduate degrees are in communication and history, which has fueled and leveraged my abilities. I used to think that the status and experiences I gained during my professional and academic career prepared me to think psychically, but have come to realize the reverse: My abilities were the engine that created my success all along.

I was recruited to work with my intuitive abilities by 5 other professional psychics who recognized me as a gifted lightworker when I was able to sense them, and return signals in their direction. I have also researched the work of academics and practitioners, and completed over 95 hours of online certifications and webinars on theories, methods, and best practices in the field.


I do not use voice-to-text, and my typing speed averages between 70–75 words per minute. I have above-average abilities in English, and adapt easily with native speakers of other languages, and different learning styles. Don't be shy about your ability to use a text-based chat! The energy exchange will come through.

Read on, to consider how we can share that experience in the best way.

How I Work

I access information through my relationship with the male and female Divine Source and my "team" of ascended spirits to enable our connection. I begin by asking permission of all persons involved, then think or speak your questions out loud, and translate guidance we receive into words. I loop you in via our chat — staying responsive and interactive, and ask that you do the same.

I value privacy, and won't ask any birth dates. Do give me FIRST names, an explanation of the circumstance, and a SPECIFIC question. If other persons do not grant permission, we will respect their boundaries. When information coming from you or a higher Source is ambiguous, I seek clarification, rather than waste your time playing psychic guessing games.

My Reading Style

I am a direct, matter-of-fact Advisor interested in your own empowerment and self-discovery, NOT becoming a crutch or feeding you false hopes. Prompted by your specific and thoughtful questions, I describe the responses, and support your discovery of what that means for YOUR life. You know you best, and your perspective and participation are crucial to an open and interactive reading that leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered.

My nature is to be practical and affirming. If you want lightening bolts, party tricks, or lovey-dovey platitudes, I may not be the reader for you. I also don't discuss my personal life. If I feel our chat may be doing you more harm than good, I will wish you the best, and refer another Advisor if I can.

I use a strong and constant connection to my understanding of the Christian God to guide my own life. I do not judge or impose that worldview, and your beliefs are welcomed. I receive information filtered through my Western understanding of Heaven, and my vocabulary and symbolism reflects that.

I deal in the light, and never work with the dark side. I do not replace professional medical, legal, or financial advice, but we can discuss healthy responses to unhealthy situations. I do not claim a Love & Relationships specialty. Such questions involve others' free will, and I won't waste your minutes with shifting timelines and outcomes. Feel free to ask away, and we can explore what sparks "red, yellow, or green." You deserve to create a safe and happy life for yourself!

Final Thoughts

Your preparation and state of mind are key to an open flow of information. Center yourself, and approach our chat with a positive expectation — free of anxiety, stress, or obsessive thoughts that may block or scramble our signal. Test-the-psychic games will also disable our connection. If I am a brief stop along your psychic binge, you may be overkneading the dough, and we won't rise in our reading. Obviously, you must be sober and alert during the reading.

The energy of a connection carries a natural ebb and flow. If something we get sounds inaccurate or cliché, let's consider the intent, and not just surface details or word choices. If we get nothing on a particular question, that is also significant of something. Silence and stillness are great teachers.

The best questions generate the best answers — and lead to even better questions! Please be specific, honest, and mindful. You need not tell me everything, but what you choose to divulge must be truthful so we can validate each other. As your Advisor, I lead in giving you the benefit of the doubt — I simply have to stay open and trusting in order to connect with you. 

You can regain your power, your balance, and move forward on your own two feet. I know you can do this — the messages you need are already in your path. Get in touch for a collaborative and uplifting chat today!

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By booking an appointment or initiating a chat, you are demonstrating agreement to these Terms. I am looking forward to working with you! 

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