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Legitimate or charlatan practitioners using you instead of you using them?


Spending outside your budget?

If so, then it's time to hit pause, my Friend. 

Getting a reading should be an occasional event, not a regular one, and should not leave you anxious about  your relationships, or spending your valuable time, money, and energy. 

I know this is ironic coming from a professional intuitive, but I can help you slow down, or even stop. I have a 100% track record of current and former clients who have successfully decreased or abandoned their dependence upon readings, taken their lives back, and feel stronger and healthier in their own power and clarity. 

How many sessions it takes is up to you. The catch? You have to want it. 

If you want me to be the last person you read with, get in touch

Booking time for sessions to break from psychic addiction is a worthy investment in yourself, and a paid service. 

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